Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Post 22

This past week Reilly and I were vacationing in different locations, so we have not been able to work on the actual game on my laptop. However, we did work on the slides that we will need for the 20 time talk at the end of the school year. We finished a majority of the slides and have most of our talk planned out, we are approximately at about eight minutes so far but would like to have a talk lasting closer to ten minutes. The slides have been tricky to make due to the fact that the topics that we are going to discuss encompass things that cannot be seen, such as perseverance and problem solving, although the latter is going to be represented by pictures of  Reilly and I working together. We are going to be spending the majority of our time on the talk that we are expected to give but will keep you updated on everything we do!
Thanks! We will post again in two weeks.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Blog Post 21

These last two weeks, Reilly and I have been focusing primarily on the talk that we are required to give at the end of the year. We have discussed the setup of the talk and started to create slides on the subjects that we want to talk about. These slides will be used as visual cues during the presentation so that we will know when to move on and what subject to move on to.
While the speech has been the main focus of the last two weeks, we have made a few small improvements to the game such as attempting to add sound to when the player dies, spawns, jumps, and so on.
Thanks! We will post again in two weeks!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog Post 20

These past two weeks have been rather hectic, so Reilly and I have not had a lot of time to get together outside of school. Instead, we have worked more on our speech over text messaging. We have a few of the bare essentials of the speech down, such as what we might concentrate on. We are probably going to concentrate on the endless job opportunities that coding can bring to kids later in life as well as how it improves skills such as problem solving and, if you are working with others to create something using coding, teamwork. We will also most likely add something about how this project has taught us to pay greater attention to detail. Although that it is not the entirety of what we will talk about, it's a start.
Thanks. We will post again in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blog Post 19

This past week, Reilly and I have been looking into how to make the surfaces that our character will be jumping and running on. These are just solid actors that do not move and have collision attributes on them. We have tried a few different combinations and are probably going to use several of these setups for different levels. We have found this primarily through experimentation so we do not have a link for you to look at. However, I'm sure there are many out there to suit your needs and interests. 

We have also started to look at the possible avenues to our speech at the end of this product. We have started to plan what we will talk about, but have not done enough to talk about on here yet. 

We will be posting more next week! Thanks!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog post 18

The thing that I liked most about 20 time this year is defiantly working with Reilly. He has brought a lot of new concepts into my life by working on this app and I have also gained a new friend through him as well. I don't think this project should change at all. It is a great project that teaches us commitment and work ethic as well as guiding us to learning a lesson by the end of the project. 

This week we just continued our search for backgrounds and characters. We have been doing this by primarily researching the art of creating them. However we have also looked into just purchasing some but feel that that would ruin the experience and therefore we should probably not do it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog Post 17

This past week, Reilly and I have been on vacation at two different locations. This has made it impossible to get together to work on Free Run. Therefore, we decided to research instead while corresponding over text. The subject that we focused on was score keeping mainly. Our game is not quite ready for this yet but it will most likely be encorporated at a later stage. As this is a rather intricate process I have chosen to not cover it in the post. However, the link for one of the websites that gives good information about how to put score in is below.

Thanks. We'll post again next Monday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Blog post 16

This week, Reilly and I have continued our research in backgrounds. In addition, we have also researched the behavior of collisions within the game.
Collisions come into play both when two objects run into each other as well as when one object rests upon another. The primary behavior used in this is "collide". This can be placed upon both moving and non-moving actors. 
The information we found was primarily on the link below:
We will post again next Sunday. Thanks!